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About Us

Solas is the Irish word for ‘light’ or ‘enlightenment’. It is also connected to the word ‘life’ as in the Irish expression ‘le mo sholas’ meaning ‘as long as I live’. Its origin is from the Latin word Sol, meaning sun.

Established by Declan Tarpey, Solas offers a Humanistic, Person Centred approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy. My interest in therapy developed in 1990. As a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist, in my practice I bring together over sixteen years experience of working with people at points of change in their lives, both in the voluntary and private sector. Over this period I have valued listening to and accompanying people on their life journeys and continue to get great fulfilment from my work.
I have spent four years training in Person-Centred and Gestalt counselling and have successfully completed diploma courses recognised by the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (I.A.C.P.) and the Irish Association of Alcohol and Addiction Counsellors (I.A.A.A.C.).

My Approach
My core belief is that at the centre of every human being there is only good. Somewhere along our journey certain events happen that prevent our natural healthy growth as human beings. By identifying these events and by working through the difficulties we can resolve the various issues and live our lives in a healthy and fulfilling manner. As lots of the issues centre around relationships I view the client therapist relationship and increased self-awareness as central to the healing process.
I value each person's individuality and unique circumstances recognising that no one theory holds the truth, and that deep and lasting change is possible at any stage of life. My experience and training includes working with a range of approaches and strategies. Research indicates that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is a most important factor in successful counselling and my experience very much supports this view.
My focus is less about techniques or analysis and more about exploration, providing an external perspective, helping to shed light upon the obstacles in your life, so insights can be gained to change the areas you want to change or to manage your life differently.
The counsellors role is to get to know you, and, for you to develop a greater understanding of yourself in a safe, confidential and supportive environment. Working at your own pace, I offer guidance and support so that new options become available to you. We will look at where you would like to be in your life and what prevents you getting there up to now.
I like to work in an holistic manner, taking into account the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well being of each person. I enjoy and find it beneficial to work in a creative and experiential way, including working with music, art, movement, imagery, dreams etc. This is always embarked on taking into account the clients preferences and readiness.
My approach is to be alongside you and the issues you bring to therapy, so that the choices you make enrich rather than limit your life. I feel it is important for me to bring clarity and sensitivity to the therapy sessions with warmth and respect together with a clear belief that the answers lie within each person that comes to counselling

Contact Solas Counselling & Psychotherapy
Address: 14 The Willows, Rock Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
Contact: Declan Tarpey, AMIACP; AMIAAAC.
Phone: 01 2108101 & 086 8187074
Email: solascounselling@eircom.net

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